Which Skincare Regimen is right for you?

Have you been considering Avon skincare products? Not sure what product will best fit your needs? Hopefully this post will help you to pick out the product that best fits your skincare concerns. Avon has something for everyone. Whether it’s the Avon Clearskin products, Avon Elements (formerly Avon Solutions), or Avon ANEW products you can find the perfect fit for you at a great price. Remember the Avon 100% satisfaction guarantee and if for some reason you aren’t happy, you can return products for a refund either to Avon or to your representative. Hopefully the following quizzes will help you pick out the products that are right for you. Also, ask your representative or me about the NEW Two-Step Wrinkle Test to see if you can get it mailed to you or brought to you to try as this new tool helps to decide which ANEW regimen is best for you better than any other tool we’ve used before.

ImageImageImageShop Avon Skincare Products today! Sale prices (in pink) listed on the Anew pages are for Campaign 13 2014 which is available to shop via Representative (me) until 6/14/2014 and online from 6/4/2014 to 6/17/2014.

2 thoughts on “Which Skincare Regimen is right for you?

  1. I think skin element or anew
    My skin is dry now but I am combination skin and very sensitive. It has a fine rash no wrinkles yet at age 42. I like herbal skin care

    • Hello! Yes, the Avon Elements skin care and Anew products are usually what women in their 40s use. The Avon Elements skin care is going to be discontinued soon, however in about a month Avon is going to be releasing a new line called Nutraeffects which is suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, paraben free, and dye free. The main ingredient in these products is going to be an Active Seed Complex which the main ingredient will be Chia seed. Chia seed has omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. There will be one line of that called Balance (it will be in green packaging) that is a day cream and night cream. That line will be for combination skin and help control oil and reduce the appearance of pores. Do I have your permission to email you to discuss what skin care might be best for you further? When you commented WordPress sent me the information for your email. Thanks for following my Blog and reading! -Amanda Davis, AVON Ind. Sales Rep

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