Direct Sales Tips: Home Parties

Home parties are a wonderful way to get new customers and recruits for any direct selling company that lets you do them. There is a world of resources out there for party planning. I know my company provides resources and then you can find a lot online through a simple Google search. The key to a home party is to have fun! Even if you aren’t good at party planning, have fun with your friends or hostess! In fact that brings me to a good point, start with your friends and then ideally your friends friends will become hostesses and it will become a chain. If you run out of friends to be hostesses then go to your other customers. If there is any way you can host an online party or brochure party, those are great as well since home parties are not always an option. For the home party have some light refreshments and drinks and then get your friends together and play some games. You’re going to need some prizes and giveaways for your games to get people engaged. Plus if they have fun, then they’re more likely to book their own party. Sometimes a themed party is a good idea as well. Basically, take what you can find online or through other resources and make it your own and have fun while making sales and gaining recruits! Good luck with your parties!