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avon2Fast Facts:

With Avon You Can:

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Work the Business A Variety of Ways
  • Sell Face to Face and Online
  • Join the Leadership Program
  • Enjoy Incentives Exclusive to Representatives
  • Receive a discount on your personal purchases
  • Earn up to 50% commissions
  • No Need To Keep An Inventory (unless you want)
  • No AutoShip
  • No Need For Home Parties (unless you want)
  • Work Full Time or Part Time
  • Work Around Your Daily Life
  • Fundraising Opportunities for Your Business
  • Avon puts out a new brochure every two weeks with new products and sales (this is called a campaign-the campaign refers to the brochure number that you are on in the given Avon sales cycle of C1-C26 each year).

 With Avon There’s Two Ways To Sell

In Avon, there’s two ways to sell and those are face-to-face and online sales. Your face-to-face sales are based on an earnings structure that is based on your order size and your online sales are a flat earnings rate. For each online sale, you make a flat 20% earnings unless you are President’s Club selling level or above and in that case you make 25% earnings. It should also be mentioned the earnings structure for face-to-face sales is based on full earnings products (the products Avon makes–beauty, makeup, skincare, bath and body, some jewelry, fragrance sales). The other product lines (fashion, shoes, home products, some jewelry, etc) are what we call fixed earnings items. These items have a symbol next to them in the brochure. The fixed earnings on these products is 20% unless you are President’s Club or above which will give you 25% earnings on fixed earning products. Your website is FREE because when you submit your orders to Avon for face-to-face sales you will pay a One Simple Fee. The One Simple Fee is basically a shipping charge based on the size of your order, but Avon has also made it so that fee helps to maintain your website without extra costs to you to have a website running. The great thing about your website is that you can customize it to look a way that fits your personality. Our websites are also very modern and look professional. Avon even provides tools for you to share your business on Social Media with a few simple clicks.

Use the chart below to see what our earnings structure is for face-to-face sales:

  • $0-$49.99: NO earnings, You pay Avon full retail price for product
  • $50-$149.99: 20% earnings
  • $150-$294.99: 30% earnings
  • $295-$439.99: 35% earnings
  • $440-$924.99: 40% earnings
  • $925-$1574.99: 45% earnings
  • $1575+: 50% earnings

So our example is: Sell $300 worth in product to a customer: Earn $105 If you do this every two weeks that’s an extra $210 a month!

Please note that representatives who have reached the President’s Club sales level earn a guaranteed 40% on full earnings items and a guaranteed 25% on fixed earnings items (the earnings structure only applies to reach an earnings level of 45% or 50%. Representatives who reach the Rose Circle sales level earn a guaranteed 45% on full earnings items and the earnings structure only applies for reaching an earnings level of 50%.

Representative discount on your own purchases is based on the earnings level. So if you have a $50 personal order and that is all you are submitting that campaign, then your discount would be 20%. We also have demo books that allow representatives to order products at a discount before they are released to customers.

With Avon There Are Two Ways To Earn

You earn based on your sales as explained above, but if you choose you can also earn extra bonuses and money from building a sales team underneath you. Most direct sales businesses offer this opportunity and Avon is no exception. Leadership representatives also get special incentives such as free products, bonus checks, and free trips! The Leadership program is complex so I will not go into full details here, but if you join Avon and are interested in learning more there are many ways to learn more information on the Leadership program.

Costs to Maintain Your Avon Business

Once you have paid your start-up cost there are minimal fees to maintain your business. You should expect to pay for your brochures, samples, demo products, and sales tools. You should also expect to pay the One Simple Fee when submitting your orders to Avon. This fee is basically a shipping charge, but it also covers your website so your website does not cost you extra. The One Simple Fee is also a small charge and it can be covered when you collect an order process charge from your face to face customers. Most representatives charge .75, however some charge $1.00. I have always charged the .75 and explained to customers that this helped cover their shipping and the majority of customers are understanding. The order process charge also helps you cover expenses such as your brochures. Online earnings can also help you cover these business expenses. Besides the One Simple Fee, you decide how much to spend on brochures, samples, demos, and other sales tools. It is important to look at what your profit will be for the campaign and base your investment back into your business on what you are making each campaign.

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Post Last Updated 9/5/2016

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