How to Use Your Avon What’s New Demo Books

Some new Representatives may not be sure why we have the What’s New Flyers. These flyers are flyers Avon puts out for Representatives.  They are primarily used to have a look at what products are coming soon to your regular Avon brochure.To read more about WHAT the flyer is click here. The What’s New Book is meant to be used as a planning tool to plan your sale strategies for upcoming campaigns. The most successful representatives plan out what products they are going to push for each campaign a couple of campaigns ahead of time. The What’s New Flyer shows you what products are coming soon to customers and allows you as the Representative to buy them early before they come out in the regular brochure. Here are some ways you can use your What’s New Demo Books:

  • Plan out your upcoming campaigns–see what products are going to be HOT and plan the ones you want to push to try to sell to customers
  • Buy products early at a discounted price (PRP is for President’s Club and above and R is for new reps and any current reps that have not reached President’s Club or above in sales level).
  • Buy products for yourself at a discount–I’m totally guilty of this, just make sure you don’t go over your budget
  • Take advantage of Stock Up offers to stock up on inventory to sell to customers
  • Buy products to demo to customers so customers can try/see before they buy–again don’t go over your budget
  • Pre-order items for your best customers–You can do this and sell for the customer price otherwise you won’t make any profit–if you aren’t worried about profit then you can sell for the price you pay Avon–this is a good idea for things that will be top sellers especially during the holidays to make sure your customer gets the item.
  • Buy Samples so customers can try before they buy
  • Read sales tips from established representatives–Many times Avon will publish tips from established representatives to help you with your Avon business
  • Find information for Representatives such as incentives, scholarship information, and earnings levels

I attached the Campaign 2 2015 What’s New Flyer as an example of a What’s New Flyer. Click the image to access it.

To read more about what information can be found in the What’s New flyers click here.

If you are not currently an Avon Representative, but interested in becoming one then click here to start today!

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