Spring Jewelry Collection–My Haul/Some of My Favorite Pieces

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the Spring Jewelry collection of AVON Jewelry. Watch my video at the bottom of the post for a firsthand look at the pieces I purchased.

Spring Jewelry SetsThe following pieces are 2 for $15 in Campaign 12 2015 which ends online at 11:59pm EST June 1st. Individual prices listed are the regular retail price.

Spring Themed Ladybug Necklace and Earring Gift Set $16.99

Soaring Love Necklace and Earring Gift Set (The Blue Bird) $16.99

Honey Love Necklace and Earring Set (Bee) $16.99

All sets are Silvertone.


Garden Beauties CollectionThese pieces are also part of the 2 for $15 sale in Campaign 12 2015. The following pieces are all part of the Garden Beauties Collection. Prices listed are current regular retail price.

Garden Beauties Collection Flower Bracelet $15.99

Garden Beauties Collection 9-pairs of Earrings Set $19.99

Garden Beauties Collection Flower Necklace and Earring Set $15.99

Garden Beauties Collection Flower Ring $15.99

All of these pieces are Silvertone as well.

TFloral Clusters Collectionhe other pieces I mentioned in the video are part of the Floral Clusters Collection. Prices listed are regular retail price.

Floral Clusters Collar Necklace $19.99

Floral Clusters Oversized Stud Earrings $15.99

Floral Clusters Necklace and Earring Gift Set $16.99

Floral Clusters Interchangeable Hoop Set $16.99

Floral Clusters Bangle Bracelet Set $19.99

Floral Clusters Cocktail Ring $16.99

The Floral Clusters Collection is Goldtone.

Here is the video where I feature these collections and pieces of Jewelry. Get them before they are gone as all of our jewelry is while supplies last!



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