What’s New Campaign 15 2015

AVON Ind. Sales Rep Amanda Davis

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Shop Campaign 15 online June 30-July 13 2015.

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Star Spangled Savings Flyer Highlights Video (Campaigns 13 and 14 2015)

This is my highlights video for the Star Spangled Savings Flyer that is available to order from for Campaigns 13 and 14 2015:


Product Review: Avon Elements Moisture Boost Day Lotion, etc.

Video Review:

Link to my other post about the Avon Elements Moisture Boost Collection: https://amandadavisbeautytips.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/avon-elements-moisture-boost-collection/

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Campaign 12 Haul

Here is my video of my Campaign 12 Haul:

Products featured in the video:

Phone TripodPhone Tripod (Campaign 11):

Limited Edition Phone Tripod that was released as part of our Father’s Day shop. This tripod comes in handy for taking photos and videos and is great to have on hand. You can click here to learn more and see availability.

Fantastic Style Mark Necklacemark. Fantastic Style Necklace ($18):

This Necklace came out in the spring and I’ve actually had it awhile, but I decided to add it to my haul video because I absolutely love it and I wanted to share it with everyone! Two necklaces that you can either wear separately or together. I rode horses when I was younger so I really wanted these necklaces that are a horse and horseshoe. Goldtone metal with Glass Rhinestones on the horseshoe necklace. I took the picture on top of the mark Magalog because I absolutely LOVE our Buenos Aires Vibe Fragrance and Collection for the summer!
Lady Liberty CollectionLady Liberty Collection:

Get Fourth of July ready with these products from Avon! I love the Jewelry and Flip Flops that I bought. I chose not to get the anklet as I don’t really wear those personally but great addition to your collection if you like anklets.

Smooth Sailing Collection

Smooth Sailing Collection:

Loving this collection for the summer! Earrings are goldtone with blue enamel accent. Necklace and Bracelet are goldtone with enamel-look charms. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on this collection. Great one to add to your summer jewelry collection! 🙂

Sterling Silver Meaning of Life Bypass Ring

Sterling Silver Meaning of Life Bypass Ring $39.99

When I saw this one, I had to get it because we all need to Embrace Life and embrace the challenges that life brings us and learn from them. Great motto and plus this ring is Sterling Silver so it is a great quality! Get this one before it sells out!

Infinite Meanings NecklacesInfinite Meaning Necklaces $39.99 (Sale $19.99 in Campaign 14 2015)

These necklaces are Sterling Silver. I had to collect all of these necklaces because they are very inspirational and I love that they remind you of what’s important in life.

Key: “In times of discovery, you will experience growth. As you grow, you will accept change. With change, you have found the key to success.”

Dove: “In times of silence, you will find peace. In moments of peace, you will find devotion. With devotion, you have found love.”
Feather: “In times of hardship, you will survive. Through survival, you will learn independence. With independence, you will have found freedom.”

Sand Dollar Three Piece SetSand Dollar Collection $16.99 (Sale Campaign 14 2015 $7.99)

This is actually a Three Piece Set that is all in one with earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Silvertone. Another great addition to your summer jewelry! I love the beach, so I absolutely love all of our beach themed jewelry for the summer!

Plus this one is a three piece set!

Campaign 14 2015 Online Brochures


Avon Campaign 14 2015 is effective online 6/16/2015-6/29/2015.  You can back order via the Shop by Product # option on my website through 7/27/2015!  To get to that shopping mode either click on “Quick Item Entry” on the right side of my home page OR click “Shop Now”, then on the next page in the upper right corner click “Shop by Product Number”.

  1. While browsing the online brochures take note of the item number and campaign number,
  2. Go to “Shop by Product Number” or “Quick Item Entry” using the directions above.
  3. Use the drop down on the left to select Campaign 14, enter the item number, and add to bag. You can add multiple items at the same time, just make sure you select Campaign 14 from the drop down.

Please note some offers may no longer be valid. Happy shopping! Click the image of the brochure you want to view:

Main Campaign 14 Brochure Mark Magalog 7 Avon Campaigns 14 & 15 Outlet 13/14

Outlet Campaign 14
Star-Spangled Savings Flyer

Smooth Sale Flyer Triple Play Pack Flyer 10 Summer Super Savers

Here is the highlights video I filmed:

Using the What’s New to See the Latest Fashion Trends

What’s New Campaign 6 2015. Click the image to view the book online.

Spring 2015 was all about the denim! Did you know you can use the What’s NEW books to tell what upcoming fashion trends will be for the season? Some of our Avon campaigns are all about the fashions and in campaigns such as this one from Spring 2015, you can use the What’s New book to see what the fashion trends will be for the upcoming season. In Campaign 6, Avon showed us the latest trends for the spring–denim, purple, florals,etc. Lots of our new jewelry pieces were floral related plus we had some new denim pieces as well as some great tops that you could pair with the denim. Purple, pinks, and greens were also the colors of the season. Check out my video below to learn more about using the What’s New books in this way!

Sneak Peek at Campaign 14 2015

Click the image to view the What’s New Book Online. Please note prices are for current representatives only.

View My Sneak Peek Video Below: