How To Sell Skincare

Campaign 7 2015 What's New

For this topic, I used the Campaign 7 2015 What’s New Demo Catalog to get a lot of my information. These catalogs are for representatives only. Not a rep yet? Join the AVON Family today by clicking here!

Basic Tips:

  • Get your customers onto a regimen–cleanser, treatment, day cream, night cream, and eye cream
  • Take advantage of the skincare quiz Avon provides and the ANEW Skincare directory that is in every brochure to find the regimen that best fits the needs of your customers
  • Invest in Demos and Samples–when customers can try then they are more likely to buy
  • The best deals for stocking up on Skincare Samples is to use Sample Bundles and Sample Deals that are found in the What’s New Catalogs for Representatives or only get samples as needed by customer request
  • Samples and Travel Size Minis are available in many of our skincare products so offer to get these for customers to try before they purchase the full size regimen
  • Invest in Stock Up Incentives (if you can afford)–when customers can buy right then, Skincare can be an impulse buy.
  • Remind customers of the 100% money back guarantee, if they do not like it, then they can return it and you can get credit back for the item(s) in order to return the money to the customers and not owe AVON
  • Start looking for the Skincare Bulletins with Campaign 18 2015 in both the What’s New Catalogs and Brochures

Regimen Order:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Treat with specialized treatment products
  3. Moisturize AM and PM
  4. Eye Cream

Ideas to Grow Skincare Sales:

  • Host a Skincare Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, or Party to share the AVON Skincare with potential customers and current customers
  • Use AVON’s Social Media Center to Grow Skincare Sales by sharing products on Social Media
  • Have Samples of the newest Skincare Products when they are released and give them out to your skincare customers and potential skincare customers

Watch my YouTube Video on the subject:

Visit My Representative Center for More Tips
Visit My Discover Skin Care Area for Everything Skin Care

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