New Season, New Beginnings

Fourth Quarter is a great time to grow your business! A new season is always the perfect time to grow your business! Fourth quarter is the perfect time because it is the holiday selling season. People are looking to buy gifts for others and you can give that to them by offering the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Here are some quick tips on how to grow your business during the holiday buying season. Watch the video below for more advice on this topic.

  1. Offer to be a personal shopper for all of your clients and prospective clients
  2. Find holiday helpers and offer them an incentive for getting orders from others that will grow your sales
  3. Take part in community festivals and craft fairs (usually a minimal cost is associated with these but they are a wonderful way to get yourself out there.
  4. Offer gift wrapping services.
  5. If you can figure out a good way to do it and can afford it, offer a layaway service.
  6. Spread the word about all of the wonderful products your company has to offer!

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