Tip Tuesday: The Power of Follow-Up

In direct sales it is important to follow-up with your leads. Leads can be potential customers or potential business partners. It is important to find a way you can follow-up with these leads and stay in touch so that they come to you should they ever change their mind. There is a difference in following up and pestering the person or following up and spamming the person. One way you can follow-up is to mail brochures to your customer list. Most customers will not buy every campaign, however if they do not have a brochure then they are less likely to buy from you. In Avon, we have new brochures every two weeks. You will have customers that buy every month, every few months, and some that only buy once or twice a year, but bottom line they can’t order from you if they don’t have  a brochure with your information. Customers like to see what items we have to offer at certain times of the year and new items are constantly coming out for our customers to purchase. Not everyone wants to look online, so mailing brochures can be a good way to gain customers and maintain those that you aren’t seeing on a consistent basis. Of course the phone, text, email, and social media can all be used to follow up as well. It is good practice to follow up and contact your leads list every once in awhile to see if you can do anything for them. There are many other videos and articles out there on the importance of following up and I just wanted to put out there that I do agree that follow up is important no matter how you choose to do it or how often you do it.

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Makeup Monday: Which Avon Mascara is for You?


Are you overwhelmed by Avon’s mascara choices? If you are wondering which mascara is right for you, then hopefully this post will help you decide which one you’d like to try. This post contains information on the four mascaras that I have tried and enjoyed using.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara:

IMG_20160125_192740411Avon Mega Effects mascara is for you if you are looking for basic volume and length. This mascara also has a different design from your traditional mascaras which makes it stand out from the others. This mascara’s Wonderbrush will allow you to get all of your lashes at once. Avon customers have rated the mascara 3.7 out of 5 stars. To read reviews and product details CLICK HERE. Regular price is $10.00

Avon Superextend Winged Out Mascara:


Avon Superextend Winged Out mascara is for you if you are looking to lengthen your lashes. This mascara was chosen as a best beauty buy for 2015 from All You magazine.  The mascara is clump and flake proof. Avon customers have rated the mascara 3.7 out of 5 stars. You can watch my video review by CLICKING HERE. To read product reviews and details CLICK HERE. Regular price is $8.00

Avon Big & Daring Mascara:

IMG_20160125_192748770Avon Big & Daring mascara is for you if you are looking for volume. The mascara is water resistant. Avon customers have rated the mascara 3.4 out of 5 stars. You can watch my video review by CLICKING HERE. To read product details and customer reviews CLICK HERE. Regular price is $9.00


Avon Big & False Mascara:


Avon Big & False mascara is for you if you are looking for volume and length. This mascara is hypoallergenic and suitable for contact lens wearers. It is also sweat and waterproof. It also is clump, smudge, and flake free. Avon customers have rated it 3.4 out of 5 stars. To read product reviews and details CLICK HERE. Regular price is $9.00


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Skincare Sunday: Skin Aging Overview

Video Explanation:

Areas most likely to show aging:


Skin Aging by Your Age:

Your overall health, environmental factors, lifestyle, and genetics can cause different signs of aging to come at different ages. The following signs are common for the age range listed.

  • 30s—In your thirties the early signs of aging start to occur. Your skin begins to lose its natural glow and starts to appear tired looking and dull. Some people experience uneven skin tone and your skin’s natural renewal starts to slow down. Skin can also begin to be dry.
  • 40s—In your forties fine lines begin to appear. You also start to lose skin elasticity and your skin’s natural repair and hydration decreases even more. Moderate aging signs can occur.
  • 50s—In your fifties you experience more wrinkles, roughness, discoloration, and unevenness. You might experience sagging around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline. The Epidermis (outer layer of skin) gets thinner and your skin hydration and repair dramatically decrease. Pores may enlarge and age spots may appear.

Information for this article came from the Avon Anew Skin Care Fall 2015 Guide for Representatives. Thank you Avon for this wonderful resource.

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Skin Care Articles:

  • Skin Layer Overview–This article briefly discusses the three layers of the skin and how they can be affected by aging.
  • How to determine your skin type–This article discusses how you can determine your skin type to help decide what products are best for your skin.
  • Seven Sins for Your Skin–This article talks about some things that can hurt the health of your skin.
  • Skin Care Regimens–This article and video is a brief overview of how a Skin Care regimen works.
  • Discover Avon Skin Care–A page that shows the collection of articles I have done on Skin Care education topics as well as Avon Skin Care

Avon Campaign 2 Haul Video

Here is the Video:

Featured Items:


Favorites Friday: Avon Jewelry and Home Valentine’s Day


The Items for Valentine’s Day:

  • AVON Signature Brillance Picture-Perfect CZ Studs: These earrings are so pretty. The Signature Brillance collection is the look of real diamonds with cubic zirconia stones. The earrings that I show in the video are the rose goldtone round cut version. There is also a Silvertone Princess cut version. Regular Price $19.99 Current Sale Price $5.99 Product Description



My first Avon Empties Video

Watch the YouTube video below:

Video Highlights:

Some of my favorite Avon Products are featured in this empties video. Most of them are bath and body products. Products featured include our Avon Bubble Bath, Avon Naturals Shower Gel, Avon Fragrance Shower Gels for Her, Avon Skin So Soft products, and more! Watch the video to hear what I have to say! Thanks for following me and thanks for watching!



Tip Tuesday: Start With Who Do You Know

Build Your Who Do You Know List FROGS:

Make a list of these people whether you think they will be interested or not. You may be surprised by how many names you can come up with. Avon recommends challenging yourself to come up with 50 names to start.

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Organizations–clubs, school, work, etc.
  • Geography–Neighbors–places you go (grocery store, bank, post office, etc)
  • Social Media Connections

I bet you if you made a list of your network in all of these points of contact, you’d be surprised how many names you can actually come up with. You can do the list at any point in your business. The key once you’ve made the list is to start contacting people to let them know you are an Avon Rep (or in whatever business you are in). Some will, some won’t, oh well onto the next! Good motto to remember when people tell you they are not interested. Just because they are not interested at first does not mean they will never be interested. Being in business for five years I have come to realize this a few different times.



Makeup Monday: Avon Ideal Flawless and Smooth Minerals


Here is my video replay of my Makeup Monday Review:

Featured Products from the Video:



Skincare Sunday: Seven Sins For Your Skin

Here is my video overview of the Seven Sins for Your Skin:

Seven Sins to Your Skin:

  1. The Sun–UV Rays can cause aging and sun exposure can cause dry skin as well as cause cell renewal to slow which in turn causes fine lines, wrinkles, and an uneven tone. This is one reason daily SPF is important.
  2. Smoking–This can cause your skin to look dull and your collagen and elasticity to weaken which speeds up the aging process.
  3. Stress and Lack of Sleep–Your skin can become dry, break out, become more sensitive, have excess oil, or a lackluster appearance when these factors come into play. Have you heard of “beauty sleep”? This is true and when you sleep your skin renews itself.
  4. Pollution–Your pores can become clogged when your skin comes into contact with grime in the air.
  5. Facial Expressions–“laugh lines”, “frown lines”, etc. When you make certain facial expressions your skin creates creases and eventually these creases will become wrinkles. I’m 26 and as I mentioned in the video I’m already seeing these creases on my forehead and have been seeing them for quite some time (at least 4 years).  I’m not saying don’t express yourself just remember eventually those expressions will lead to wrinkles. I guess it’s not the worst way to age.
  6. Poor Diet–An unhealthy diet is not good for many reasons, but eating empty calories can also cause the appearance of your skin to change in a negative way. Just another reason to try to maintain a healthy diet.
  7. Sleep Positions–Sleeping certain ways can increase wrinkles. Sleeping on your side may cause lines on your chin and cheek and sleeping face down can create lines on your forehead. Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent these lines from occurring.

Information for this article and video came from the Avon Anew Skin Care Guide Fall 2015 Edition. This guide was available to Avon Representatives. Thanks Avon!

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Campaign 3 2016 is ONLINE NOW–Valentine’s Day

Avon Campaign 3 2016 is effective online 1/12/2016-01/25/2016.   You can order via the Shop by Product # option or Shop My Online Brochure Option on my website!  Using the “Shop by Product #” option, you can even back order out of the previous two campaigns using the drop down feature to select a campaign at the far left. You can play around with the campaign numbers to see if what you wanted was on sale in a previous campaign. Happy shopping! To watch my highlights video for this campaign as well as for the Mark Magalog 1 scroll down below the brochure links.  There is also a “What’s Next” Video for Campaign 4 2016 at the bottom of this post. Thanks for following me!

 Click the image of the brochure you want to view:

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 Brochure Highlights video:

 Mark Magalog 1 Highlights Video:

What’s Next Campaign 4 2016: