How Your Online Direct Delivery Order is Packed

Have you ever wondered how your online direct delivery order comes packed? Check out this video that shows how nicely online Avon orders are packed:

Reasons to Shop Online with Your Avon Representative:

  • YES Your Representative gets credit when you order off of their personal website link. The website shows who you are shopping with and when you check out it will list your representative’s name.
  • Receive your orders faster in many cases 5-7 business days
  • Nice packaging…did you SEE the video? Nice box, tissue paper, bubble wrap
  • Delivered directly to your doorstep
  • Online exclusive offers including Free Shipping, Coupon Codes, Free Gifts, Exclusive early access to new products (make sure you register to receive special offers via email because you don’t want to miss out!)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee just like your in person orders
  • It’s super easy to pay by credit card (while it can be done, it is harder for representatives to accept this form of payment with in person orders). Don’t have a credit card? Use your PayPal account or buy a prepaid credit card from your local retailer.
  • Avon has partnered with Shoprunner to offer free two-day shipping and free returns on select products when you are a Shoprunner user

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