Fragrance 101: Fragrance Dos and Don’ts

pizap.com14717176111251Fragrance Dos:

  • DO wear your favorite scent as much as you want
  • DO use an open fragrance as quickly as possible because the scent does change over time
  • DO apply fragrance directly to the skin focusing on the pulse points
  • DO layer your fragrances for the most impact

Fragrance Don’ts:

  • DON’t expose fragrances to extreme heat or cold
  • DON’t try more than three scents at once when smelling scents to decide which you like because your nose won’t be able to differentiate between the scents
  • DON’t spray on too much of a fragrance at a time. A little usually goes a long way. Usually two spritzes tops!

Learn more about Fragrance 101! 

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