A few hours left to shop Avon Campaign 19,2016 Online!

Avon Campaign 19 2016 is effective online 8/23/2016-9/6/2016. Avon Campaign 19 is the start to the Fall Season at Avon! This campaign features all of the NEW Avon Fall Jewelry and Accessories as well as some new Fashion items and the return of Avon Senses Comforting Fig and Fresh Orchard Apple Scents!

Brochure Highlights video:

Mark Magalog 9 2016 Highlights:

Avon Living Back to School Campaigns 16-19 2016:

What’s Next Campaign 20 2016:

What’s Next Avon Living Campaigns 20-23 2016:

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Campaign 19 2015 Online Brochures

Avon Campaign 19 2015 is effective online 8/25/2015-9/8/2015.

You can back order via the Shop by Product # option on my website through 10/5/2015!  To get to that shopping mode either click on “Quick Item Entry” on the right side of my home page OR click “Shop Now”, then on the next page in the upper right corner click “Shop by Product Number”.

  1. While browsing the online brochures take note of the item number and campaign number,
  2. Go to “Shop by Product Number” or “Quick Item Entry” using the directions above.
  3. Use the drop down on the left to select Campaign 19, enter the item number, and add to bag. You can add multiple items at the same time, just make sure you select Campaign 19 from the drop down.

Happy shopping! To watch my highlights videos scroll down below the brochure links. Thanks for following me!

Please note some offers may no longer be valid. Click the image of the brochure you want to view below.

Avon Campaign 19 2015 Mark Magalog 9 2015 Avon Outlet Campaign 19/20 Avon Fall for Beauty Sales Flyer Campaigns 19-20 2015

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Here are the highlights videos I filmed:

AVON Brochure:

Mark Magalog 9: