A few hours left to shop the Holiday Preview in Avon Campaign 23 2016!

Avon Campaign 23 2016 is effective online 10/18/2016-10/31/2016. Avon Campaign 23 focuses on our fabulous Skin Care products as well as previews the holiday products!

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Mark Magalog 11 2016 Highlights:

Avon Living Fall Campaigns 20-23 2016:

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What’s Next Avon Living Holiday 2016:

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CAMPAIGN 23 IS HERE!! Start Holiday Shopping Now!

Avon Campaign 23 2015 is effective online 10/20/2015-11/2/2015.   You can order via the Shop by Product # option or Shop My Online Brochure Option on my website!  Happy shopping! To watch my highlights video scroll down below the brochure links. Thanks for following me!

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