Avon Campaign 24 2016–Christmas is Here! Christmas 2016

Avon Campaign 24 2016 is effective online 11/01/2016-11/14/2016. Avon Campaign 24 focuses on the launch to the holiday season! Get your gifts now!

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Mark Magalog 12 2016 Highlights:

Avon Living Holiday Campaign 24 2016-Campaign 1 2017:

What’s Next Campaign 25 2016:

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A few hours left to shop Campaign 24 live…

Avon Campaign 24 2015 is effective online 11/3/2015-11/16/2015.   You can order via the Shop by Product # option or Shop My Online Brochure Option on my website!  Happy shopping! To watch my highlights video scroll down below the brochure links. Thanks for following me! Using the “Shop by Product #” option, you can even back order out of the previous two campaigns using the drop down feature to select a campaign at the far left. You can play around with the campaign numbers to see if what you wanted was on sale in a previous campaign.

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Brochure Highlights video:

Mark Magalog Highlights video: