Tips to Sell BugGuard to Customers

So this may be a little late for some of you as the BugGuard is all while supplies last until next year, however if you are like me and still have some stock to move this fall then hopefully these tips can help you out and plus if you are reading this later, then hopefully these tips help you sell BugGuard during the summer months. Plus, let’s face it just because we are moving into fall does not mean that the bugs go away just yet, so there is still a need for Bug Protection at least for another month or two depending on what the weather is like where you live. Many of the tips came from the Campaign 11 2015 What’s New Brochure. Please note What’s New prices are for representatives only. Not a representative yet? JOIN THE AVON FAMILY TODAY FOR JUST $15!

Here is my video with all the tips. Thanks for watching!:

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Product Review: Skin So Soft BugGuard PLUS Picaridin Aerosol

BugGuard Plus Picaridin AerosolThe Skin So Soft BugGuard Plus Picaridin Aerosol can is meant to be used at dusk and dawn to repel bugs. It’s recommended dusk and dawn because it has no SPF in it, but you can use it during the day if you are using another product for SPF. This BugGuard repels mosquitoes, deer ticks, gnats, no-seeums, sand flies, biting midges and black flies.  DEET FREE!! The Active Ingredient is Picaridin.

Why did I bold black flies?

I bolded black flies because this BugGuard is the ONLY one that claims to repel the black flies. Have you ever been at the beach and the black flies are biting? So annoying right? Well, my family relies on using the BugGuard Plus Picaridin Aerosol Can EVERY summer to keep those pesky flies away when we are at the beach trying to get our tan on and relax. It really works and has truly been a lifesaver! Even my skeptical little brother and his friends will ask me for the BugGuard when the flies start biting. The other BugGuard Plus Picaridin products may work, but this one is the only one that specifically states it will repel the black flies. I plan to test the towelettes and pumps out this summer just to see if they work too, so stay tuned to my blog to see what results I got when testing out the towelettes and pumps on black flies.

Here is my video with a story about this product: