Avon Anew Men Skincare Line and Tips for Representatives to Find Customers

The Anew Men Skincare line came out in the brochures in Campaign 12 2015. It had been released online prior to that campaign in the USA and a couple products still remain online exclusives. I got the information for this post from the Campaign 12 2015 What’s New and from my eStore. View this online by clicking here. The information is on pages 18-21. Please note prices in this brochure are for representatives. Not a representative yet? JOIN TODAY FOR JUST $15 and GET STARTED ON YOUR OWN AVON JOURNEY! Watch my video on the topic and then scroll down below the video for more information.

Watch My Video Below:

Avon Anew Products Overview:

Basic Tips to Sell This Product:

  • Get some for every man in your life and share it with him! Once he likes it, then he’s bound to use it!
  • Contact your female customers and ask them to share with the men in their lives and to share what men are saying about the product. There are reviews online as well as I came across a YouTube or two and you can use the quotes from the What’s New on page 20.
  • Contact any male customers you may have and let them know there is now a product line of skincare exclusively for them.
  • Share on your social media sites so that the men that are your social media friends and followers can see.
  • Demo the products to men while out and about prospecting and making deliveries and at any events you may do. The best demo would be the Anti-Aging Day Lotion. Make sure to point out the benefits of SPF and why men need SPF as well.

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