Fragrance 101: Pulse Points

If you wear any sort of fragrance, you have probablyimg_20160101_182749 wondered where it is best to apply it. The places that it is best to apply your favorite fragrances are called pulse points and they are the same for men and women. In the picture to the left, I took a picture of myself and pointed out the main pulse points. Most people know about their hair, wrist, and collarbone, but did you know that behind the ears, elbows, knees, and on your ankles were also good pulse points? Why pulse points? They are the places that the fragrance is most likely to linger and keep you smelling like your fragrance longer. Something else that I heard to do and like doing myself is to spray the fragrance into the air and then walk through it and you get a nice overall fragrance. You can even do that in addition to applying the fragrance to the pulse points.

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Fragrance 101: Layer It for Longer Lasting and More Powerful Fragrance

pizap.com14713052768571The best way that you can have your fragrance last longer is to layer it. Avon offers for the Avon Senses line Shower Gels, Lotions, and Body Sprays. This is so you can even layer your lighter fragrances. For the Avon Fragrances for Her many fragrances offer a shower gel and a body lotion in the same fragrance as the Eau de Toilette Perfume. For the Avon Fragrances for Him many of those come in the cologne, an after shave with the same scent, and a hair & body wash in the same scent. Man or woman you can layer your favorite fragrances to make them last longer. Lots of times these products can be bought as a set so you can even save while purchasing them instead of having to purchase them individually.

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Fragrance 101: Fragrance Notes

pizap.com14712240531131Did you know that fragrances contain three different notes? Each note brings  a different layer to the fragrance.

The three notes are the top, middle, and base notes.

The top note is the first that you smell and it is what grabs your attention and pulls you into the scent.

The middle note gives the overall fragrance its scent and is the body of the fragrance.

The base note is the scent that lingers and brings depth to the fragrance.

The potency of each note depends on the amount of oils of a particular scent that are part of the fragrance. This is why some fragrances are stronger and others are lighter. The different notes is why some fragrances smell different when you first smell them compared to after the smell has lingered awhile.

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