If It Sounds Too Good To Be True It Probably Is, How To Avoid Scams and Fraud In Your Business

fraudsI see new representatives in my business ask all the time about if something sounds fishy or not. Basically, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and it is best to go with your gut instinct. The most common red flag will be email scammers that will email you to order products and say they are from out of town and must pay with a cashier’s check, certified check, or money order. It is perfectly fine to accept orders from people you know and let them pay with these formats, but from strangers that is usually the biggest red flag. Plus, they always seem to use the same uniform format for the email something about wanting products for a model photo shoot, wedding, etc. and some story about how they cannot order online and pay by credit card. Also, the email used is nine times out of ten a strange email. These scammers will order a bunch of product and then leave you with it if you actually order, plus if they happen to send any form of payment it is usually too much and doesn’t always go through and if it does go through the scammers will take your information and run. The best thing to do if you get a suspicious email is to either ignore it if it is obviously a scam or I know a lot of representatives will refer the person to the eStore or online website through the direct sales company to order just in case it really isn’t a scam but it usually is and you usually never hear from the person again.

AVON offers some great insights and information on avoiding fraud and scams under youravon.com>web office>resources>frauds/scams As well as in the new rep center in the bottom right under Other Things to Read: Avoiding Frauds and Scams. This area of the website has some great information and insights on avoiding these situations and even gives some example emails that you could be sent from such scammers.

From time to time, you may also receive one via text or even a phone call, but usually it will be in email format. Always use caution with people you do not know and be mindful of the situation and use your best judgement.

Is Direct Selling right for you?

If you are unsure of if Direct Selling is for you, maybe this post will help you to decide. Here are some reasons Direct Selling might be for you:

  • You are looking to earn extra money
  • You want to start your own business
  • You want the support of others behind you (upline, other consultants, corporate)
  • You love a certain product that is distributed through direct selling (if you love the product anyway, why not get a discount and earn some extra money distributing it yourself?)
  • Low Initial Investments
  • Many companies to choose from
  • You want to work from home

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Network Marketing Defined…

Unless you are part of the Network Marketing and/or Direct Selling world already you may not know what these terms mean, so here is a breakdown of terms and what they mean for those that are curious but still not sure about the industry.

Network Marketing–Is marketing to people in your network. Your network includes friends, family, coworkers, and people you meet on a daily basis. Sometimes it is intentional marketing and other times it is discussing the latest book you read, television show or movie you watched, or song you listened to and by recommending it to someone you are marketing it to them whether you mean to or not.

Network Marketing as a Business–You market a specific product or service to your network.

Direct Selling–A form of network marketing where you are an independent distributor for a company and market their products/services to customers. The customers buy the products through you and you earn commission.

Warm Market–People you already know that you are close to already. Friends, Family, and Coworkers.

Cold Market–People you do not know personally; People You Meet are cold market until they can be considered part of your warm market.

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