Fragrance 101: Tips for the Men

pizap.com14715658709701Hey men! This ones for you! Men should smell good too right? Am I right ladies?  Men, you may not think it’s important to smell good, but I’m sure the ladies reading this will agree that we are more attracted to a man that smells good and clean. Okay, so how do you accomplish this? Many companies including Avon sell fragrances for men. Avon offers hair & body wash, after shave, roll-on deodorant, and cologne in fragrances for men. As I mentioned in a previous article for this series, guys you can layer your fragrance by buying all or a combination of the products in the same fragrance line as your favorite fragrance and then layer the fragrance for a longer lasting scent. Maybe you don’t like roll-on deodorant and maybe you don’t shave your face (although I hope even if you maintain a beard and mustache that you groom somehow…but that’s another topic) so you don’t need the after shave. Don’t wear cologne either? Okay well EVERYONE guys included needs to bathe so try the hair & body wash in a fragrance that you like. This is also great for trying new fragrances because even if the scent doesn’t agree with you or a significant other in your life then you only use the hair & body wash and once it’s gone it’s gone and you try something else the next time until you find your signature scent. Avon offers a variety of scents for men of all ages.

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