Selling Avon Campaigns 3 and 4 2017

Avon Campaigns 3 and 4 2017 are going to be your campaigns to capitalize on Valentine’s Day sales. Think approaching customers for their Valentine’s Day needs. Campaign 3 has a whole lot of gift ideas (think Jewelry) as well as the Little Red Dress boutique that is great for Valentine’s Day date night as the boutique includes a full look and the new Little Red Dress fragrance for her. Remind customers we have things for the men on their list as well. Representatives should also check out the Avon Campaign Central information and videos on Watch my video and then check out the highlights below with my hot item outline for each campaign.

Campaign 3 Hot Items

  • Sell the full look from the Little Red Dress boutique (the Little Red Dress dress, The Perfect Match Necklace and Earring Set, and the Peekaboo Lace-Up Sandal)
  • Add on the Little Red Dress for her fragrance set (remind customers the shower gel and lotion are free gifts and of the importance of layering fragrance for best results)
  • Jewelry for Valentine’s Day including Sterling Silver pieces
  • Skin So Soft bath oil SALE (the perfect add on for customers looking to have soft skin especially in the winter months) the bonus size is on sale 2 for $32 when it is regularly priced at $27 each and the regular size is on sale 2 for $22 when it is regularly priced at $20 each. This is a great value and customers will surely love the feel of their skin afterwards. This sale does continue into Campaign 4 as well.
  • Introduce customers to the new Avon Living magalog too!

Campaign 4 Hot Items

  • Nutraeffects skin care line–this line replaces Avon Elements for your current Avon Elements customers…this line is also dye free and paraben free as well as suitable for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic. It is the closest thing we have to a natural line of skin care as the main ingredient is Chia seed. Four different lines to choose from based on skin type. A great way to get new Skin Care customers
  • Skin So Soft body lotion SALE for the BONUS size lotions which will be $10.49 each when they are regularly priced at $14 each. These lotions provide 24+ hours of moisture and will surely help keep your customer’s skin soft with the winter months. A great add on for someone interested in the bath oil or add on the bath oil to a sale for the lotion. See above for the bath oil sale which runs Campaigns 3 and 4 2017.
  • Introduce customers to the NEW Mark magalog as well for Campaigns 4 and 5 2017!

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How to Sell Fragrances…

First and foremost, fragrance is one of our toughest items to sell straight out of the book or off the internet. The number one reason for this is people want to smell it and sample before they buy. Some customers have bought certain fragrances before and you will be asked about them. Some of them are still around and some of them of our not. What follows is some tips on selling fragrances to your customers. I hope you find them helpful. If you do, then please do share with your teams and people you know in the fragrance industry.

  1. Take advantage of the scented pages in the Avon brochure to share the fragrances with the customers.
  2. Samples. Look for samples in the What’s New booklets of new fragrances as well as sample packs.
    1. Liquatouch samples–wipe with fragrance that you can wear the fragrance
    2. Discovermore cards–Lift and smell cards–lift it up and smell the scent, some bigger cards in packs of 5 or some six samples to a card and two cards to a pack (12 samples)
    3. Make your own samples from a demo bottle. Many ways to do this (cotton ball, rose petals from $ store are two of the most common ways)
  3. Buy a demo bottle that you can use to demo to everyone that you come across (current customers, potential customers, events, people you know, etc)
  4. Take advantage of Stock up incentives if you think you can sell the fragrance and have the money to do the stock up

Bottom line: People want to see, touch, and smell fragrances before they will buy them. A the very least, scent samples are important to get your customers to buy fragrances.

Check out page 4 of the Avon Campaign 9 What’s New and the Avon Campaign 17 What’s New for more tips on selling Fragrances. What’s New prices are for current representatives. Not a representative yet? Join the Avon Family today for just $15!

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