How to Sell Makeup

Here are some basic tips for selling makeup and growing your color sales:

  • Remind customers of the 100% money back guarantee–Avon prides itself on this guarantee and as an Avon Representative you really need to honor the guarantee to have optimal customer satisfaction. Customers are more likely to trust you and order from you when they know they can return something they do not like and get their money back or get credit for their next order. I rarely have customers return, but all of my customers know they can return and so far everyone has been fine with a credit for their next order so I still have them as a customer. Online direct delivery customers must ask Avon themselves for a return as it is like any other company you buy online from and you must deal with the company itself, however the representative may be able to help if needed.
  • Use samples when available–Samples of foundations, eyeshadows, and lipsticks can be very beneficial to your business. Customers want to know the shade fits them and samples can let them try before they buy. Just make sure to follow up on the samples that you give out to customers and potential customers to get the full size sale.
  • Use demo products to show to your customers and sell on hand–This is especially important when new products come out. You are able to demo or show the product to the customer to get them excited about the product and then either sell it on hand to them right then and there or take the order if you are using the product solely for demo purposes.
  • Wear the makeup yourself and show others–I always wear Avon makeup. When someone compliments you on your lipstick shade then make sure you mention it’s Avon and that can be a great conversation starter. The other thing that some representatives do is create videos where they show customers and potential customers certain makeup looks and what products were used to create those looks.
  • Take advantage of what Avon provides you along the lines of Get the Look videos and brochure pages–many times Avon will state what a model is wearing in the brochure and you can use this to sell certain looks to your customers right from the brochure. There is also a lot of videos on the Avon Products YouTube channel that show makeup looks and some are even right on your eStore and in the Social Media Center for you to share with your customers. When people see something they like or a trendy look that they can get with certain products they are more likely to buy makeup from you.
  • Educate customers on when to replace certain products–there is a lot of information on this topic out there on the web. The basic rule is we should update our makeup quarterly with the seasons, but some things can last a year or more. Also, whenever you are sick you should replace your makeup with new products so you don’t spread the infection. Here is my article on the topic
  • Offer trade in incentives when your customers trade in old makeup–depending on your earnings level and budget, one idea to grow sales is to offer an incentive to your customers to replace their old makeup Avon or not with your Avon products. This is a win-win because the customer gets a discount and you get orders and customer loyalty, just make sure you don’t cut too much into your sales profits.
  • Know Avon USA’s Stance on Animal Testing and Product Safety–Both of these stances from Avon Corporate are available on their website. Avon DOES NOT Contain lead in the lipstick and DOES NOT test on animals except where required by law (which it is not required by law for the USA, but Avon is also working to end ALL animal testing in countries where it still happens).

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