The Retinol Revolution–Avon Campaign 7 2016

Avon Campaign 7 2016 is effective online 3/09/2016-03/21/2016.

Fabulous Buys in Campaign 7:

  • Line Eraser with Retinol™–Fight wrinkles with the number 1 ingredient recommended by dermatologists
  • Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover–A customer favorite is on sale for just $1.25! Customers love this product and ask for it all the time!
  • Avon Kids Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash & Bubble Bath Sale–Don’t forget about the kids! Our kids line of bath products is on sale for just $3.49 each!
  • Avon Beauty Caddy–Our latest caddy is just $9.99 and perfect for storing your beauty essentials! (I show you this product in the video below)
  • Avon Naturals is now Avon Senses–Our Avon Naturals is now called Avon Senses. Same great scents with a new name! Shower gels are on sale for just $1.99 each!
  • Spring Avon Living Catalog–Our hot Avon Living line is back with products for the Spring! Redecorate your home, garden and entertain for the Spring with our newest Avon Living products! (Highlight video below)

Brochure Highlights video:

 Spring Avon Living Catalog Highlights:

What’s Next Campaign 8 2016:

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Celebrate 130 years of Avon with Campaign 6 2016

Avon Campaign 6 2016 is effective online 2/23/2016-03/08/2016.   Happy shopping! To watch my highlights video for this campaign scroll down below the brochure links.  There is also a “What’s Next” Video for Campaign 7 2016 and the Spring Avon Living Catalog at the bottom of this post. Thanks for following me!

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 Brochure Highlights video:

 Spring Avon Living Catalog Sneak Peek:

What’s Next Campaign 7 2016: