Tips to Sell Avon Living…The Get Organized Issue


  • Demo your favorite products–buy the products that you plan to use yourself and share them with customers. Demos sell. Don’t spend all of your profits on demos, but if you are truly going to use something yourself, then buy it and share it.
  • Use images to share your favorite products with customers. Take pictures of the demos you do purchase and also use the Avon Living Magalog and online images provided by Avon to share products with your customers and potential customers both in person and online. Take advantage of social media and use the hashtag #AvonLiving along with other relevant hashtags (depending on the product). Share to as many social media outlets as possible.
  • Share the tips that are included in your representative what’s new demo book and in the Avon Living Magalog for customers.
  • Share your own uses for the products.
  • For The Get Organized Issue promote how these products can help with New Year organization and spring cleaning.

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Tips to Sell Avon Campaigns 5 and 6 2017

Tips to Sell Avon Campaign 5 2017:

  • Top Products to feature–Avon True Color makeup rebranding
  • Avon True Color NEW Nourishing Lipstick
  • Avon True Color NEW SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara
  • Avon Skin Care Sale—particularly on the Anew products
  • Read my article with Tips to Sell Avon Makeup
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Tips to Sell Avon Campaign 6 2017:

  • Capitalize on the semi-annual sale!
  • Introduce Spring jewelry and fashion
  • Share NEW Avon Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration products!

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Working Your Avon Business While You Are On Vacation

Video Where I explain some tips for working your business while on vacation:

Summary of Tips for Working Your Avon Business while on Vacation:

  1. Wear Avon! As always sharing Avon is as easy as using the products yourself especially the fashion and accessories since they can be an easy way to open the door to a conversation about Avon when someone compliments you on something you are wearing.
  2. Leave a brochure trail…The picture to the right of these tips shows you what I did last summer with some old brochures that I left in rest stops on the way to my beach trip. The bag is one of the Avon Clear Literature Bags which is available to order from your Avon Representative site under Sales Tools.
  3. Prospect while on vacation. If you have the time, then why not prospect for customers and team members while on vacation? You can point potential customers and team members to your Avon Representative eStore site for orders or to sign-up.
  4. Take Advantage of the Internet and Social media. If you have internet connection, you can work your business online while on vacation. Avon has the wonderful Social Media Center with posts already ready to go and you can easily share these posts from your Mobile device.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found these tips useful!

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