Priorities in Your Business, Never Enough Time


Does it ever seem like there is enough time?

Something that I have found while being in business for myself is that it seems like there is never enough hours in the day to get things done the way I want to get them done. Between working full time, personal life and daily activities, and trying to do activities to grow my business I always run out of time. It is very hard to focus and stick to getting done what you want to get done. How can you fix this?…

How to set goals, deadlines, and make priorities

The first things to do are to make a list of things you need to get done. It can be things in your business and in your life. Many people recommend doing this activity on a weekly basis. Sit down and write out what needs to be done for the week and what you’d like to get done. The next step is to put those activities into a schedule of deadlines for them to get done. Things that are set in stone like work, appointments, etc will all have their set times, so start with those. Then, look at what is left on your list and schedule a time and day to do it as if it is an appointment. Calendars are great for this and daily planners. You can even use a phone calendar or calendar such as Google Calendar so that you can set reminders for yourself. When setting out your schedule, be sure to prioritize and start with the things that are most important.

Stick to it no matter what

The most important tip in all of this is once you make your schedule, you have to stick to it. Sometimes life will get in the way and there is nothing you can do to control that, but if you have things that you CAN control, then make sure to stick to the schedule that you set for yourself so that you can get your tasks done in an efficient manner.

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