Skincare Sunday: Skin Aging Overview

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Areas most likely to show aging:


Skin Aging by Your Age:

Your overall health, environmental factors, lifestyle, and genetics can cause different signs of aging to come at different ages. The following signs are common for the age range listed.

  • 30s—In your thirties the early signs of aging start to occur. Your skin begins to lose its natural glow and starts to appear tired looking and dull. Some people experience uneven skin tone and your skin’s natural renewal starts to slow down. Skin can also begin to be dry.
  • 40s—In your forties fine lines begin to appear. You also start to lose skin elasticity and your skin’s natural repair and hydration decreases even more. Moderate aging signs can occur.
  • 50s—In your fifties you experience more wrinkles, roughness, discoloration, and unevenness. You might experience sagging around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline. The Epidermis (outer layer of skin) gets thinner and your skin hydration and repair dramatically decrease. Pores may enlarge and age spots may appear.

Information for this article came from the Avon Anew Skin Care Fall 2015 Guide for Representatives. Thank you Avon for this wonderful resource.

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Skincare Sunday: Seven Sins For Your Skin

Here is my video overview of the Seven Sins for Your Skin:

Seven Sins to Your Skin:

  1. The Sun–UV Rays can cause aging and sun exposure can cause dry skin as well as cause cell renewal to slow which in turn causes fine lines, wrinkles, and an uneven tone. This is one reason daily SPF is important.
  2. Smoking–This can cause your skin to look dull and your collagen and elasticity to weaken which speeds up the aging process.
  3. Stress and Lack of Sleep–Your skin can become dry, break out, become more sensitive, have excess oil, or a lackluster appearance when these factors come into play. Have you heard of “beauty sleep”? This is true and when you sleep your skin renews itself.
  4. Pollution–Your pores can become clogged when your skin comes into contact with grime in the air.
  5. Facial Expressions–“laugh lines”, “frown lines”, etc. When you make certain facial expressions your skin creates creases and eventually these creases will become wrinkles. I’m 26 and as I mentioned in the video I’m already seeing these creases on my forehead and have been seeing them for quite some time (at least 4 years).  I’m not saying don’t express yourself just remember eventually those expressions will lead to wrinkles. I guess it’s not the worst way to age.
  6. Poor Diet–An unhealthy diet is not good for many reasons, but eating empty calories can also cause the appearance of your skin to change in a negative way. Just another reason to try to maintain a healthy diet.
  7. Sleep Positions–Sleeping certain ways can increase wrinkles. Sleeping on your side may cause lines on your chin and cheek and sleeping face down can create lines on your forehead. Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent these lines from occurring.

Information for this article and video came from the Avon Anew Skin Care Guide Fall 2015 Edition. This guide was available to Avon Representatives. Thanks Avon!

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