How often should you replace your makeup and beauty products?

We all wonder “How often should I replace my makeup?” There are varying recommendations on this, and many of us are guilty of holding onto makeup for as long as we can. I know that I’ve had makeup for years myself. I just did a Google search on the topic and came across an article with some recommendations. I also came across another article in my research. I also have seen the recommendations below in other areas as well. I included the links for the articles because I want those sources to get credit for the information and I am just passing it along to my readers and customers through my blog.

Eye make-up:

  • Must be replaced after pink eye or any other eye infection
  • Mascara: Recommended to replace every three months
  • Eye Liner: Three to six months. Eye pencils can last up to a year if sharpened often.
  • Eye Shadow: One to two years if powder. One year for cream.

Lip make-up:

  • Toss products used if you’ve had a cold sore.
  • Lip Gloss: Six Months to a year
  • Lipstick and Lip Pencil: One Year


  • Liquid Foundation: Six months to one year.
  • Powder Foundation: One to two years.
  • The second article I read recommends replacing once a year.


  • Replace after 12 to 18 months.

Blush & Bronzer:

  • One to two years if powder.

Nail Polish:

  • Replace after about one year.

The second article recommends replacing make-up brushes within five years and make-up sponges should be replaced once a month. With regular cleaning your make-up brushes can last longer.

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