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What exactly is Skin Care and why it’s important?

Everyone wants to have the appearance of healthy skin. Skin Care is taking care of that skin. There are thousands of products out there to help aide you in this process. Skin Care includes taking care of your face, body, and feet. There are special products geared towards each area of the skin. You do not want to use the same creams on your face that you use on your body. Skin Care is important to keeping your skin healthy as well as helping with the anti-aging process. Stay tuned to this page for everything skin care related on my blog in one place! Thanks for reading!

History of Avon Skin Care:

Steps to starting a Skin Care Regimen:

Skin Care Advice and Tips:

  • Tips on beating Acne–please note this is based on my own experience and research. Please contact a professional for the best advice for your current situation.
  • Day Lotion or Day Cream?–Which would you prefer? Some reasons for both based on your preferences.

Current Avon Skin Care lines and the purpose of each:

  • Avon Clearskin–Avon Clearskin and Clearskin Professional lines are for clearing blemishes and blackheads and keeping them away.

Current Avon Skin Care Products Features and Reviews:

Avon Clearskin Products:

  • Avon Clearskin  Review–My first review from September 2013 contains reviews on products I have used both current and some that are now discontinued.
  • Avon Clearskin Review from January 2016–In this updated review I included a video review where I discussed some of the Avon Clearskin products. Some of these have also since been discontinued but some are still current.

Avon Anew Products:

Avon Body Lotion:

Tips for Representatives on Selling Skin Care:

  • How to Sell Skin Care–This post includes some tips on selling skin care to others
  • Selling Avon Anew Men–Even though the Anew Men has been discontinued, you still might find some of these tips helpful. Also, replacements for the Anew Men can be our other Skin Care regimens. Avon recommends the Anew Skinvincible Day and Night Cream.