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Pictured above are some Avon Products that I use every day. Here are the items that are pictured.






My first PRP Gala experience

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Making Money with our AVON Businesses


Today was my first time attending the Avon President’s Recognition Gala! I was so excited and enjoyed my time there among some of the greats! It was my first time achieving President’s Club after three years selling. I never thought my Avon business would get this far and now that it has I am so thrilled! When you reach this level there truly is no going back. My goal for the 2015 cycle is to reach at least President’s Club level again!


Spirit of Avon Award

While there I was honored with a very special award that only a select group of Avon Reps get and that is the Spirit of Avon Award. This award is awarded to one person in each district that shows the “spirit of Avon”. It is not necessarily about sales or recruiting excellence but rather your love of Avon and how you show that love to others. I am truly honored to have received this award. Below is pictured my take homes from the event. The flowers were not part of it but everything else.


In order to get to the Gala all you have to do is reach President’s Club sales level. For 2015 that is 10,000 in Award Sales. There are awards and prizes for sales and leadership. Watch my video message below. Thank you to everyone who has made this a fabulous journey.

Why I LOVE my AVON Business!

13This post is all about why I love my AVON Business! I have been a representative now for going on four years (five Avon sales cycles). I just earned my spot in the elite President’s Club of Avon and earned my first Mrs. Albee doll! I am so excited because I cannot wait to see where my business will go from here! Who is Mrs. Albee? What is President’s Club? Mrs. Albee was the first Avon Sales Representative. David H. McConnell (the founder of Avon) started a company called the California Perfume Company. He recruited the help of Mrs. Albee to sell his product. From there Avon grew into what it is today. A company recognized world wide for empowering women. All direct sales basically started with Avon and the idea that David H. McConnell had over 128 years ago! The Avon President’s Club is the lowest sales level achievement for Avon representatives. In order to reach it you must have a certain amount of award sales. Not very many representatives make it to this level, so it is a huge achievement to get this far. Plus, it is an honor to get to President’s Club because it shows your commitment to your Avon business. I never thought I’d get this far, so I am super excited that I finally made it into the elite club. Reasons I love my AVON business:

  • It’s fun!
  • I can work it on my own schedule.
  • The people I have met because of it (corporate, “famous representatives”, other representatives, my district sales manager, my upline leader, my downline members (team members), customers). There are so many wonderful people I never would have connected with had it not been for my AVON business.
  • I love the products and getting them at a discount!
  • Easy to shop for many of my daily needs products, no need to go to a physical store when it comes straight to me.
  • The unlimited possibilities!

Buy Avon or Join Today (USA Only): www.youravon.com/adavis0493

I reached Presidents Club!! Woohoo!!

I got my very first Mrs. Albee award! Three years and four cycles with Avon and I am finally a President’s Club representative! So excited! What is President’s Club? It is a sales level achievement with Avon that gives you many benefits as a representative. It’s also a great honor to reach this level or higher. Who is Mrs. Albee? She was the first Avon Representative and every year a doll is made for Representatives that reach President’s Club level in sales. 128 years and Avon is still going strong. Looking forward to my future!

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Direct Sales Tips: Home Parties

Home parties are a wonderful way to get new customers and recruits for any direct selling company that lets you do them. There is a world of resources out there for party planning. I know my company provides resources and then you can find a lot online through a simple Google search. The key to a home party is to have fun! Even if you aren’t good at party planning, have fun with your friends or hostess! In fact that brings me to a good point, start with your friends and then ideally your friends friends will become hostesses and it will become a chain. If you run out of friends to be hostesses then go to your other customers. If there is any way you can host an online party or brochure party, those are great as well since home parties are not always an option. For the home party have some light refreshments and drinks and then get your friends together and play some games. You’re going to need some prizes and giveaways for your games to get people engaged. Plus if they have fun, then they’re more likely to book their own party. Sometimes a themed party is a good idea as well. Basically, take what you can find online or through other resources and make it your own and have fun while making sales and gaining recruits! Good luck with your parties!

Direct Selling Tips: Craft Fairs

I have done two craft fairs so far. I prefer these to Yard Sales because you can sell items more for their value without potential customers getting mad about the prices. With Yard Sales people are looking for bargains and with Craft Fairs people are just looking. One downside is that some people go to Craft Fairs to find unique items and things they couldn’t find elsewhere. For a Craft Fair, the best time to look for them is with your holiday selling season. You should have bundled products on hand to sell as gift sets. At the Craft Fair I did really well at, I had bundled products (the bath & body sets did the best) and I had Jewelry sell well. The best thing to do is to either get bundled products or get some products and put them together into your own bundle. Stocking stuffers may sell well as well. Of course all of this would depend on what company products you have ready to sell so talk to someone in your specific company to see what they recommend you have on hand to sell at Craft Fair events. Also, as always make sure you have business cards and brochures on hand to give out so people will have your information. I did a Craft Fair in November and then in February someone that had my information from that event called to order from me so you just never know when a follow-up sale might occur. It’s also good to have some samples to give out of products if your company offers that kind of thing. Good luck!